No SPAM sent from my address

Several computers have been sending SPAM the last couple of week, also with my domain name address as apparent From: address. But the real sender are most probably infected computers around the world that are sending SPAM and spoofing (faking) my address. In other words, they are not sent by me.

The last week I’ve been plagued by bounce messages (More formal a “Non-Delivery Notification” NDN) that were ‘returned’ to me. I’m receiving at least 20 per day, which means more than double that amount must be sent using my domain as the from: address. The emails I’ve seen were clear SPAM emails, sent from untrustworthy and probably infected hosts.  I tracked a few sending hosts by IP address and they come from all over the world, Tunesia, Brazil, Iraq, India and Vietnam to name a few. Most of the emails want you to download either malware or talk with them on a Russian website rambler.

If you did download something from the link or opened an attachment, please clean your computer with anti-virus and anti-malware software or take your device to a repair center to have someone do this for you.

Please know I’m not the sender and I have sharpened the only means to combat this spam (SPF record changed from soft-fail to fail). This is a rule that if it’s not sent by mail servers I use, the message shouldn’t be accepted, or at least be marked as SPAM for sure. This should lower the amount of SPAM emails that are arriving at someone’s inbox.

However since you are reading this, it means you probably received one message. I’m sorry you did, please ask your email provider for better spam filtering (or at least filter on SPF rules).

Read more about SPF: